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S-Tek Inc. Display Technology

Proud to Rep such a great company hashtag#stekinc “Whether you’re designing a complicated multi-interface or something a little more simple, attention to the details gets you the kind of results that our customers have come to expect – “extraordinary”. S-Tek Inc. display technology services cover from concept to production ready scenarios and everything in between. We pride ourselves on quick and accurate communications that drive results quickly and efficiently, striving all the time to .


Simply put, overmolding is an injection molding process in which two or more materials are used to combine the wire and connector to create a single part. To do this, the cable assembly is placed inside a mold. The first material (the substrate) is covered by the other materials in this process. The overmolding process requires a rigid plastic component to be overlaid with a TPU layer or other overmold materials using either the .
employ EMC/EMI filters

Minimizing EMI in Complex Electronic Systems

The increasing use of complex electronic systems in factories has optimized operations and output…but these systems are much more susceptible to electronic interference than older technology. Minimizing EMI is a priority in many facilities, as these systems in modern factory environments generate and can be disrupted by electronic interference. What’s the solution? EMC/EMI filters lower EMI without significantly impacting the cost, size, or function of factory automation systems and robotics. Learn how in our .