History of Wallace Electronic Sales

Wallace Electronic Sales was started in 1935 by Mr. Stanley K. Wallace.  The company was originally an automotive aftermarket parts sales representative and was based in Tampa FL.  By the late 40s and early 50s, the company became focused in the growing “electronic” market by representing product lines to support the radio (and later television) repair business.

Also during this timeframe, William Jaudon took  over leadership of the company. Wallace remained focused in this radio/TV parts marketplace and their core of local distribution until the 80’s. In 1975, Morris Motsinger became president of the company and moved the corporate office to North Carolina. It was during this timeframe that Wallace Electronic Sales entered into the OEM electronics marketplace as a new focus in addition to their core local distributors. By the mid 80’s, Mark Motsinger and Emmett Ellis became management of the company and continued the push toward more focus on OEM electronics and the OEM distributors.

Also, in 1982 Wallace sold  the  Florida operations and began offering sales efforts  in the 6 states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Wallace has been a leader is establishing an inside support process and utilization of technology from the very beginning of the computer and networking age.

Now with over 84 years of experience in the territory, Wallace continues to offer aggressive and effective field sales for today’s marketplace.

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